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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Afghan women protesting in Kabul?

Afghan women take part in a demonstration for their rights in Kabul on September 3. (CNN) A group of Afghan women activists staged a small protest in Taliban-controlled Kabul Friday calling for equal rights and full participation in political life, CNN has confirmed.

What did the Taliban do to the protesters in Afghanistan?

The group say the Taliban targeted them with tear gas and pepper spray as they tried to walk from a bridge to the presidential palace. But the Taliban maintain the protest got out of control, according to Afghan media outlet Tolo News.

What happened to Afghan women protesting the hijab directive?

On Jan. 19, three days after women protested the hijab directive, two activists were taken at gunpoint from homes in Kabul, said Zarifa Yaqoobi, 28, a leader of a group called the Afghan Powerful Women’s Movement. Ms. Yaqoobi said the women’s family members told her the women were taken away at night by armed men.

Why are women separated from men in coffee shops in Kabul?

Days before the news conference, Ms. Mubariz spoke in a coffee shop’s family section, set aside for women to keep them separated from men. Before the Taliban takeover, several coffee shops in Kabul allowed women to sit and socialize with men-a quiet symbol of progress that has slowly eroded under the Taliban.

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