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Frequently Asked Questions

When is National Women’s Health Week 2021?

National Women’s Health Week May 9-15, 2021 National Women’s Health Week starts each year on Mother’s Day to encourage women and girls to make their health a priority. Even during COVID-19 when many of us are at home, there are safe ways for you to stay active and healthy.

What are the top 10 health observances for 2021?

Health Observances, 2021 1 January. Stalking: Know it. ... 2 February. 3 March. 4 April. 5 May. 6 June. 7 July. 8 August. 9 September. How Many Women Experience Depression? What Is a Mammogram and When Should I Get One? More ...

When is National Women's Health Week 2018?

National Women's Health Week. May 13-19, 2018. National Women’s Health Week begins on Mother’s Day each year. It is a reminder to women to take care of themselves, and to make their health a priority.

How can I improve my health during National Women's Health Week?

Make National Women's Health Week a time to adjust your diet. Join your local gym and establish a regular workout routine. Better yet, if you have the resources, hire a personal trainer who will keep you honest. Long-term stress can lead to serious health problems. Women are also more likely to develop depression and anxiety

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