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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top health issues for women?

Women face unique health issues beginning at age 50 and throughout the rest of their lives. Heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer and diabetes occur more often in older women than in younger women. Lung cancers cause the greatest number of cancer-related deaths in women, followed by breast cancer, then colon cancer.

What are the health months?

San Francisco city employees insured through Kaiser Permanente and seeking mental health treatment sometimes have to wait up to three months for an appointment with a therapist, a hearing during the Board of Supervisors' Government Audit and Oversight ...

Is heart Awareness Month for women only?

Throughout the month, the American Heart Association's "Heart to Heart: Why Losing One Woman Is Too Many" campaign will raise awareness about how 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with heart disease annually. The first Friday of American Heart Month, Feb. 5, is also National Wear Red Day as part of the AHA's Go Red for Women initiative.

Are women pregnant for 10 months?

Well, a woman is actually pregnant for 40 weeks, or, the FULL 9 months, so she will actually give birth at the very end of the 9th month, Making it seem like 10 months, unless she delivers a week or two early, in which case no one might notice.

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