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Frequently Asked Questions

Why gynecologist is important to women's health?

Your gynecologic health provider is focused on maintaining your health and addressing your unique needs throughout your lifespan, and an annual visit ensures you will be screened appropriately, and more proactively manage health concerns for a better quality of life.

What is the Office of Women Health?

The Office on Women's Health (OWH) is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and functions to improve the health and well-being of U.S. women and girls.

What does women's health services mean?

Women's health refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman's physical and emotional well-being. Women's health includes a wide range of specialties and focus areas, such as: Breast self-exam instruction may also be included.

What is Women's Health Research?

Women's Health Issues (WHI) is a peer-reviewed, bimonthly, multidisciplinary journal that publishes research and review manuscripts related to women's health care and policy. As the official journal of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health, it is dedicated to improving the health and health care of...

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