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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the fight in the street with the Woman filmed?

Filmed in China, the epic brawl took place in the middle of a crowded street while stunned onlookers watched on in amazement. The clip begins with the alleged mistress on top of the disgruntled woman.

What is chicks fight?

Girls gang up on school girls! Chicks fight! A girl pulls down another girl's top during an after school fight. or LA i don't know. same shit.

What happens to the woman in white trousers?

The woman in white trousers then picks up her rival by her hair and slams her face into the ground. She then shockingly snatches at her pants and rips them off. A man eventually intervenes and the topless woman storms off.

Do you like watching bikini Chick fights?

Watching a chick fight is good, but a bikini chick fight is great. after she loses fight her bf runs to get knife....enjoy! Girl fights drunken mom. That's a lot of hair pulling! Crazy fierce fight. Why can't we all get along ?

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