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Is Red Dawn's 'Wolverines' graffiti showing up on disabled Russian vehicles?

In "Red Dawn," the students adopt their high school mascot as a symbol of resistance, and both shout "Wolverines" in battle and spraypaint the name on walls and bombed-out Soviet military vehicles. Now, Task & Purpose reports that "Wolverines" graffiti is showing up painted on disabled Russian vehicles in Ukraine.

Is graffiti with the word 'Wolverines' on destroyed Russian tanks in Ukraine?

Graffiti with the word "Wolverines" from the 1984 movie Red Dawn is showing up on destroyed Russian tanks in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, which has kicked off a war between the two nations, with most countries around the world rallying behind Ukraine.

Was 'Wolverines' inspired by Red Dawn?

They acknowledged that writing “Wolverines” on Russian armour was indeed inspired by Red Dawn, and said they had screened the movie for Ukrainian trainees and encouraged them to mark up Russian tanks. “The people that we’ve trained, they’ve gone out.

Who are the Wolverines and why are they in Ukraine?

The instructors were members of the Wolverines, a group started by international veterans who have been quietly operating in Ukraine. Read more: Fighters abandon steel plant as Mariupol appears on the verge of falling

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