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Frequently Asked Questions

What is publisher Wineskin Winery?

Publisher's Description. Wineskin Winery is a tool for Wineskin. It is the only downloadable part of Wineskin needed. Manage and download Engines, or even custom build engines from Wine source code. Get Master Wrapper updates Create Wineskin wrappers Wineskin is a tool used to make wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X.

How do I manage a wrapper?

You can manage a wrapper by double-clicking it, that should launch Wineskin. and select "Show Package Contents". This tool allows you to run a Setup Executable or to move/copy folders inside the wrapper /drive_c. This tool allows you to choose the window system. The Mac driver is the default driver.

Do I need to be a computer programmer to install wineskin?

Unfortunately, the download available here appears to require you to be a computer programmer / software engineer to install. Almost every webpage, from the Wineskin people, is an error page, and there does not seem to be any Support contact provided.

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