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Frequently Asked Questions

Will wine bottler be working on macOS Catalina and Big Sur?

Hello so i was wondering when will Wine bottler be working on macOS Catalina and Big Sur a statement from the wine HQ said that wine will no longer be worked on for mac due to macOS Catalina droping 32-bit support however if wine boltter can be updated to 64-bit that could help and can run 64 bit windows apps but not 32 bit if it can all be fixed

Can wine run Windows software on a Mac?

While it’s most often used on Linux, Wine can run Windows software directly on a Mac, too–without requiring a Windows license or needing Windows running in the background. This isn’t necessarily the best option if you want to run Windows software on a Mac. Wine isn’t perfect, and not every application will run ideally.

What happened to WineHQ macOS packages?

Winehq macOS packages have been depreciated as the builtbot was taken offline by the owners. Compiling modern wine has at more requirements than it did previously. The M1 support in recent wine versions is wine64 running via Rosetta2, this mean no 64Bit support. If that’s all you require you could simple install one of the packages I provide.

Is there an alternative to WineHQ for macOS Catalina?

ps the only other alternative is Boot camp or virtual machines well since non of them are actually great and some people like the native macOS operating system this may work WineHQ packages don't support running 32Bit windows application on macOS Catalina and above that statement still stands.

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