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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the touchpad sensitivity in Windows 11?

It’s easy to change how sensitive your Windows 11 touchpad is to your taps. This is useful if you sometimes accidentally press the touchpad with the palm of your hand while typing. First, access the Taps section from the touchpad settings to expand it. Next, click or tap on the box next to Touchpad sensitivity.

What are the best touchpad settings for Windows 11?

Open Windows 11 Settings. Go to the “Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad” page. Click on the “Four-finger gestures” option. Select “Middle mouse button” from the Taps dropdown menu. Changes are saved automatically. From now, tap with four fingers on the touchpad to middle-click.

How do you reset the touchpad settings in Windows 11?

To reset the touchpad settings, click or tap on the Touchpad section at the top to expand it. Click or tap on the Reset button. All the touchpad settings and gestures are returned to their defaults in Windows 11. Do you like the touchpad settings in Windows 11?

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