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Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual BIOS blocklist (VBS) in Windows 11?

VBS helps protect against many modern-day threats and this study from Microsoft explains how it helped prevent 60% more malware and adware infections on protected systems that had VBS enabled. There are many ways to disable VBS on your Windows 11 system. You can use your BIOS menu, use the Group Policy Editor, or disable Windows Components.

How do I create a vbs file in Windows 10?

1. Right click Desktop and choose New> Text Document. 2. Add Wscript.Quit in this file. 3. Click File> Save as, name it as StartCheck.vbs. 4. Move this text to C:\Windows\system32\

How to disable virtualization and Vbs in Windows 10?

The recommended way to disable VBS is to simply disable Virtualization in your BIOS menu. This will automatically disable VBS on your system without having you uninstall virtualization components from your system. This will allow you to re-enable and use virtualization and VBS in the future by simply enabling the same in your BIOS menu.

Does disabling VBS in the BIOS make gaming better?

These settings can be easily found and enabled in your BIOS menu which will help you get the most out of your system. However, when it comes to gaming performance on Windows 11, you may have heard that if you disable “VBS” in the BIOS then that can make gaming better.

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