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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows 10 version 2009 ISO images available for October 2020?

We last reported about Microsoft uploading the ISO images for the Windows 10 Version 2009 update which will be officially known as October 2020 update too on its server. Good news is that these ISO images are now available to download using TechBench tool.

What is Windows 10 update 2009?

If we go by the version number, it’s also known as Windows 10 2009. While the update mostly focuses on performance improvements, some new Windows 10 features will make their way into people’s machines.

How do I download Windows 10 as an ISO file?

Select the edition of Windows 10 to download (normally the top one which is the latest) and press the Confirm button. Next, you will need to select the product language. Choose which language you want to download the ISO in and click the Confirm button. Select the product language

How to install Windows 10 2009 on Windows 10 Insider?

To do so, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider. Then, click on Get Started and follow the steps. Here, Windows might ask you to set the Diagnostic data collection to Full if you haven’t done it yet. After that, go to the Windows Update page, where you’ll find a new option to download Windows 10 2009 on your machine.

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