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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Windows 10 Spotlight images to my screen?

Add your Windows Spotlight Images Click “Lock screen” in the sidebar, set your background to “Slideshow”, and then press “Add a folder”. Select your Spotlight images folder Navigate to your Windows Spotlight Images location, click the folder, and press “Choose this folder”.

What is the Windows Spotlight feature on Windows 10?

The feature, when enabled (see how to turn on Windows Spotlight ), automatically sets a preselected group of images handpicked by Microsoft. The Windows Spotlight feature automatically sets a new background for your Windows 10 lock screen and occasionally offers suggestions and tips on the lock screen.

How do I change the default image format for Windows Spotlight?

To remedy this, we can run a simple command in PowerShell to add “.jpg” to the end of each file. In PowerShell, type ren **.jpg and press Enter. This set all windows spotlight pictures to the JPEG image format. Though our Windows Spotlight images are in here, so are a lot of other Windows assets.

Can Windows Spotlight images be used as a desktop background?

Windows Spotlight is a great tool to add some variety to your PC. It displays a different background image nearly every day, and they are frequently beautiful. In fact, they’re so nice you may be wondering how to save Windows Spotlight images for use as a desktop background.

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