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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows 10 really the last version of Windows?

Microsoft said that windows 10 is the last version of windows. but the end of support is up to 2020 and extended time up to 2025.

What are the new features of Windows 10?

New Windows 10 features. The feature lets you organize programs in Windows into various screens. Its like having multiple monitors only they're virtual. Finally, Microsoft personal assistant Cortana is now on the desktop. Like Siri or Google Now you can say, hey Cortana, and make calendar appointments, search the web and much more.

Which version of Windows is best?

Windows 10 is the most advanced and secure Windows operating system to date with its universal, customized apps, features, and advanced security options for desktops, laptops, and tablets. New editions and automatic updates for your favorite apps and features make it easy to be more efficient and relax knowing your device is secure.

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