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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to WinCo Foods in 2016?

With the beginning of 2016, WinCo Foods prepared a major move in the Texas market, as well as for its overall growth and sustainability plan by opening a state-of-the-art, 800,000 square foot distribution center in Denton, TX – the single largest economic development in the history of Denton.

Is WinCo an employee-owned company?

And so, with 17 stores owned and cared for by these hard working individuals, an employee-owned company was born. In 1998, WinCo Foods opened a new 900,000 sq ft grocery and perishable distribution center in Woodburn, Oregon. At that point, it serviced all of the stores the company owned.

Where is WinCo Foods distribution center located?

In 2014 WinCo Foods was able to better serve stores located in Southern California, as well as focus on its Arizona and Las Vegas expansion, by opening a distribution center located in Phoenix, AZ.

Does WinCo have a warehouse in Woodburn Washington?

WINCO TRIVIA : 1 The Woodburn DC has since experienced expansion, currently sitting at over 1,000,000 sq ft. The Woodburn DC currently services WinCo stores in Oregon and Western Washington state with daily deliveries. 2 The Woodburn, DC was preceded by a warehouse in Salem, OR.

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