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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my postcode?

To find a postcode, enter the address you're trying to find the postcode for into a search engine and look at the first set of results. Or, you can enter the address into a free online postcode lookup tool. Alternatively, you can contact your local post office or visit in person and ask for assistance looking up a specific postcode.

Where can I find a postal code?

Postal code: 266: LSO / LS: $2,457,000,000: Liberia: 0000: Postal code: 231: LBR / LR: $1,977,000,000: Libya: 00000: Postal code: 218: LBY / LY: $70,920,000,000: Madagascar: 000: Code postal: 261: MDG / MG: $10,530,000,000: Malawi--265: MWI / MW: $3,683,000,000: Mali: 00000: Code postal: 223: MLI / ML: $11,370,000,000: Mauritania--222: MRT / MR: $4,183,000,000: Mauritius-Post code: 230: MUS / MU: $11,900,000,000: Mayotte

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