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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wikipedia speedrun?

Wikipedia Speedruns! Welcome to Wikipedia Speedruns! Goal of this game is simple. Try to get to one wikipedia page to another as fast as possible by clicking on the links in the page. Once you finish each prompt, you will get a chance to submit your time to the leaderboard!

When did speedrunning become popular?

Speedruns are popular for a large variety of games. Most high-level speedruns have been performed by members of online communities. The speedrunning community originated on discussion forums in the late 1990s and early 2000s, where the fastest routes through early first-person shooters were discussed.

What are the different types of speedruns?

Speedruns are split into various categories, based on levels of completion and/or what glitches, if any at all, are used. The most common categories are as follows: Any%, or fastest completion, refers to completing the game as quickly as possible, and often involves sequence breaking.

What are the requirements for a 100% speedrun?

Specific requirements for a 100% speedrun are different depending on the game. Some games, such as Super Metroid, have a percentage counter and therefore have an easy definition for 100%. Others do not, and instead the game's community decides what the definition for 100% should be.

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