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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the chemical symbol Fe?

The source of its chemical symbol Fe is the Latin word ferrum, and its descendants are the names of the element in the Romance languages (for example, French fer, Spanish hierro, and Italian and Portuguese ferro ).

How do I search for a specific article in Wikipedia?

To perform a search, just type 'wiki' in your browser's address bar, then a space, then the name of the article you want. Live suggestions from Wikipedia are displayed as you type. You can also highlight any word or phrase on the web, and an option to search in Wikipedia will appear in the context menu. Your device's language is used as the ...

What is S-FEM?

The S-FEM, Smoothed Finite Element Methods, is a particular class of numerical simulation algorithms for the simulation of physical phenomena. It was developed by combining meshfree methods with the finite element method. Spectral element methods combine the geometric flexibility of finite elements and the acute accuracy of spectral methods.

What is finite element analysis (FEA)?

Studying or analyzing a phenomenon with FEM is often referred to as finite element analysis ( FEA ). FEM mesh created by an analyst prior to finding a solution to a magnetic problem using FEM software.

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