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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AK47 stand for?

An AK-47 stands for an Automatic Kalashnikov model 1947. It was named after its designer: Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov who designed the accepted version of the weapon in 1947. To this day, it is still the weapon of choice for most armies because it is easy to operate and use.

Is an AK47 legal to own in the US?

In general, however, a true AK-47 has a fully automatic setting, which is illegal in the United States. Models with semi-automatic settings are available and legal in the U.S. Manufacturers cannot make or import fully automatic weapons for the civilian market. But you can still legally buy a fully automatic AK-47.

What is used to make an AK47?

Two Kalash, two receivers. The top ARMS is stamped while the bottom Ak-47 receiver is milled. In general, there are two ways to make an AK-47: milling and stamping. A milled receiver starts with a block of metal that is machined into the required specifications. The resulting receiver is heavy but generally very strong.

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