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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Medeco?

History. Medeco traces its origins to the Mechanical Development Company, a tool and die shop, founded in mid-1950s by Paul A. Powell and Roy C. Spain in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke County. In the 1960s, Mr. Spain perfected a lock featuring angled key cuts with elevating and rotating pin tumblers, and submitted the design to the U.S.

What is medmedeco's lock design?

Medeco's lock design features lock pins that are "chisel tipped" which can only be rotated by keys with correspondingly angled cuts. This serves to increase the difficulty of key reproduction.

What does medmediq do?

Mediq provides pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. It has its own chain of apothecaries, supplies other medical centres, and supplies to patients directly at home. They are the market leader in the Netherlands with 226 of their own pharmacies, about 25 franchises, and supplies another 160 pharmacies.

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