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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to mysterious cliff GPO?

It is required that you climb the tower at the island using the climb manuveur Ctrl, or with Geppo/Sky Walk. Lifa will then be found doing a one arm push-up at the top. You will almost always pass the Mysterious Cliff Island on you way from Shell's Town to Land of the Sky.

How long does Max Haki last GPO?

Armament Haki "V2" (or Busoshoku V2) is a direct upgrade to the regular Armament Haki. Maxing Haki V2 lets it last around 3 minutes and 24 seconds . The color when getting it is completely random when obtained, but can be customized via the in-game shop for 50R$.

What does skypian do in GPO?

Skypian is a race, which has a 15% chance of spinning for in the customizing area where you spin for a race. This race grants the player wings, it allows the player to learn the ability Sky Glide from the NPC Teza at The Tree.

How to get bisento GPO?

Bisento is a massive Tomoe type naginata, with a striped pole ending in a spherical pommel, and a large, curved blade attached to the pole with a brass bolster, decorated with a relief of a sea snake, and langets protruding onto the blade itself. Bisento is a rare boss drop that can be obtained by defeating Quake Woman on War Island.

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