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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is XLN Telecom?

Lancashire-based business communications provider Daisy Group has today officially acquired rival broadband ISP XLN Telecom, which is home to around 120,000 UK customers, for approximately £200 million. The move is expected to expand Daisy’s customer base in the SME sector to over 200,000.

Is XLN the next BT in the SME telecoms market?

By adding XLN's 120,000 small business customers, to which it supplies business broadband, phones and card payment services, it will make Daisy second only to BT Group in the UK's SME telecoms market.

Is XLN about to sell?

However, back in 2019 it was reported that XLN had hired advisers to investigate the prospect of selling the business, although nothing ever came of this. Until now. “We have been highly successful in our support of small businesses since our launch in 2002.

How did XLN perform in 2021?

According to XLN’s latest accounts, the company had a turnover of £53.18m in 2021 (down 6% from £56.55m in 2020), EBITDA of £17.06m (down 4.5% from £17.86m) and profit after tax of £13.93m (down from £14.62m). The slip in performance is largely attributed to customer churn and lower sales activity during COVID-19.

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