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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with Maryland's Chesapeake Bay cargo ship?

A loaded 1,095-foot cargo ship remained stuck Tuesday morning in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, presenting Coast Guard officials with what they described as a "logistical challenge" to free the vessel without polluting the environment.

Is the ever forward stuck in the Chesapeake Bay?

The boat stuck in the Chesapeake Bay is even more stuck than the Ever Given was in the Suez Canal. A year after the Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal and upended global commerce, one of its cousins—the Ever Forward —is aground in the Chesapeake Bay. The Ever Forward, stuck in the Chesapeake, with way too much of its hull sticking out of the water.

Is the Coast Guard trying to refloat a stuck ship?

The ship, which became stuck about 20 miles southeast of Baltimore, was not obstructing the channel, it added. More than two weeks later, after a week of dredging beneath the ship, the Coast Guard, together with the Maryland Department of the Environment and Evergreen Marine Corp., which owns the vessel, made its first attempt to refloat it.

How safe is the Chesapeake Bay salvage operation?

A 500-yard safety zone around the ship in the Chesapeake Bay will continue for the duration of the operation, and the adjacent shipping channel will remain unaffected. The zone has been established to provide for the safety of people involved in the salvage operation as well as the integrity of the marine environment.

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