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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is California still on daylight saving time?

Time ran out in the legislative session to decide what to do, so that’s why California is still observing the time change. This year, the state legislature once again introduced a new bill on the...

When do the clocks change and why?

Why do the clocks change? The main reason we have Daylight Saving Time is simply to make better use of the daylight available. Between March and October, an hour of daylight is borrowed from the morning and added to the end of the day.

Are we ending daylight savings?

While at least 19 states have attempted to put an end to this cumbersome practice in recent years according to the National Conference of State Legislators, so far only two states do not follow daylight saving. However, momentum is building for an effort to end DST with pending legislation at both the federal and state levels.

Is it still daylight saving time?

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation Tuesday that would make daylight saving time (DST) permanent across the country starting in 2023. Thus, Americans will no longer need to change...

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