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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a clock change in Penang in 2023?

The graph above shows that there is no clock change in Penang during 2023. Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes do not necessarily occur on the same date every year. * All times are local Penang time. Data for the years before 1970 is not available for Penang, however, we have earlier time zone history for Kuala Lumpur available.

When is the best time to visit Penang?

To be honest, there is no particular month that is optimum to visit Penang. With a warm and humid climate for the entirety of the year, you can expect a shower every few days. That being said, the real downpours tend to be between August and November and from April to May. If you prefer a drop in temperature (regardless of how small):

What is the time zone in Malaysia?

MY, MYS. Capital: Kuala Lumpur. Time Zones: 1. Dial Code: +60. Time Zone in Malaysia. 7:29 pm.

What is the average temperature in Penang?

Average Penang Temperatures By Month As you can see from the table below, the average temperatures in Penang are around 30°C. The warmest months are around February. While the cooler months are from September to the end of the year. Though it’s only by a difference of 1 to 2 degrees Celsius! 2. Average Penang Rain By Month

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