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Which stage of cell respiration produces CO2?

The light stage involves the splitting of water and producing ATP, the dark stage involves the combination of Hydrogen and CO2 to make glucose using ATP produced in the light stage. aerobic respiration. cellular respiration in which oxygen is consumed by oxidation (eg glucose) and carbon dioxide is produced.

What is the role of CO2 in cellular respiration?

In cellular respiration, cells use O2 to break down fuel, releasing CO2 as a waste. The demand for ATP is supported by and increased rate of cellular respiration, but only 40% is used in making ATP which leaves 60% of the energy from food to produce body heat instead of ATP.

Is carbon dioxide a by-product of cellular respiration?

Cellular Respiration . During the process of cellular respiration , carbon dioxide is given off as a waste product . This carbon dioxide can be used by photosynthesizing cells to form new carbohydrates. Also in the process of cellular respiration , oxygen gas is required to serve as an acceptor of electrons.

Does cellular respiration make carbon compounds?

Cellular respiration requires oxygen (which is the by-product of photosynthesis) and it produces carbon dioxide , which is used in photosynthesis. In this way, photosynthesis and cellular respiration are linked in the carbon cycle.

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