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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the perks of LinkedIn premium?

Premium profile perks. Through LinkedIn’s InMail feature – a benefit of a premium profile – you can send messages directly to any of LinkedIn’s 7 million users, whether they’re potential job candidates, or hiring companies. Why this is special is because you can’t typically email people out of your network.

What is LinkedIn premium, and is it worth it?

The answer to is LinkedIn Premium worth it is often “yes.” That’s because Premium Career is focused on jobseekers, and a lot of opportunities are listed on LinkedIn. All users have access to LinkedIn Jobs, but this doesn’t necessarily go very far: it’s just a listing. To land a job, personal connections are often valuable.

How much cost LinkedIn premium?

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost? LinkedIn Premium has four different price tiers: Premium Career: $29.99/month ; Premium Business: $59.99/month ; Sales Navigator Professional: $99.99/month ; Recruiter Lite: $139.99/month ; Just remember that the price of LinkedIn Premium doesn't include sales tax, which could be applicable where you live.

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