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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB)?

Tumor mutational burden (TMB) refers to the number of gene mutations found in a patient’s cancer cells. Why is this number important? Cancers with high TMB are more likely to respond to treatment types such as immunotherapy or targeted therapies. However, tumors with low TMB are less likely to respond to these treatment types.

Is Tumor Mutational Burden a valid biomarker across cancer types?

What Is Tumor Mutational Burden? The Food and Drug Administration approved an immunotherapy drug for tumors with high tumor mutational burden regardless of tumor type. But some medical oncologists say it’s not clear the biomarker is valid across all cancer types.

What is the somatic mutation burden of lung cancer?

Lung cancers have the highest somatic mutation burden among solid tumors that is believed to be due to direct exposure to mutagens in tobacco smoking ( 18, 71 – 73 ). Lung cancer in smokers was associated with significantly higher median TMB (10.5 mut/Mb) compared to never-smokers with lung cancer (0.6 mut/Mb) ( 74 ).

Does non-synonymous mutation burden increase in metastatic melanoma?

Consistent with the known high TMB in cutaneous melanoma, metastatic melanoma also showed an increase in median non-synonymous mutation burden assessed by WES ( 18, 64 ).

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