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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it professional to use Dreamweaver?

The latest Dreamweaver is clearly aimed at professionals, but it also allows you to customise your workspace to meet your needs. By default it offers a streamlined Developer workspace for web professionals who want to create with code and see a real-time preview.

What are the advantages of Adobe Dreamweaver?

Advantages of Adobe Dreamweaver. It assists the freshers to understand the importance of coding in website and software development It helps them to understand the importance of particular commands in a template or page. In this manner, they can gain an insight into it without any difficulty.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver and it is used for?

Dreamweaver is an IDE (integrated development environment). It is used to primarily to design and code HTML and CSS but can also be used for other languages because of its code syntax colouring. A “homepage” is just your primary landing page; Dreamweaver is used to create web pages (not just web pages that happen to be your primary landing page).

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