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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tog rating on a duvet?

The tog rating measures the scale of the duvet’s warmth, referring to the efficiency of the material’s thermal insulation and means that not only temperature is affected, but the weight and softness too will depend on the tog rating. You might be questioning why ensuring that your duvet is the right temperature is so important.

What is a togged duvet?

Tog is a measure of warmth (not comfort) of an item of bedding, especially duvets. It is a quintessential English standard of measure not found in other parts of the world. How to ensure you purchase the correct togged duvet for your needs. What Is Tog? | Southdown Duvets 01935 508797 Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter Checkout 0 Items 01935 508797

What are Togs and how do you use them?

TOGs explained. TOGs are a standardised means of defining the warmth of a duvet. Finding the warmth level you want from your bedding is one of the most important decisions to make when you choose a duvet. Shops will mark their duvets with a ‘TOG’ number, but also may say ‘summer’ / ‘winter’ or ‘all seasons duvet’.

What is the 'TOG forecast' for my duvet?

If you’ve browsed our range of duvets recently, you may have noticed a new addition at the top left hand side of the page. We’ve added a regional ‘tog forecast’ which recommends the tog rating that will be best suited to you based on the temperature in your area. A duvet’s tog rating basically rates how warm it is.

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