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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is chosen for the furnace of affliction?

Some, as Jarchi and Aben Ezra, render the words, "I have chosen for thee the furnace of affliction" (i), or "thee for the furnace of affliction"; afflictions are chosen and appointed for the people of God, and they are chosen for and appointed unto affliction, Job 23:14.

Did God choose Sinners in the furnace of affliction?

Probably the meaning here is, 'I have proved or tried thee in the furnace of affliction.' It was true, however, that God had chosen or selected their nation to be his people when they were suffering in the furnace of affliction in Egypt; and it is also true that God chooses sinners now, or converts them, as the result of heavy affliction.

Is the furnace of affliction unspeakably hot or indescribably sweet?

“While the furnace of affliction can be unspeakably hot, what we gain through it is indescribably sweet.” Getting dressed I start worrying about the concerns of the day. The heaviness of life envelops me, and I feel the air getting thick again. The future seems dark and shrouded. My mind races with all I have to do. Fear grips me.

How does God refine US in the fire of affliction?

God refines us in the fire. The flames in our life sanctify us and draw us to God in ways that nothing else can. We emerge with a stronger faith and an unrivalled dependence on him. But the process isn’t easy. In the furnace of affliction, I often feel like I can’t go on.

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