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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best knife to use for carving meat?

Carving knives range in size from 8 to 12 inches. For a large turkey, we recommend one that’s 9 inches or longer. As with any knife, it’s important for the carver to feel comfortable in your hand. Because the blade is long and thin, it’s critical that the handle give you control over the blade so it’s not wobbly.

What are the features of a good carving knife?

A carving knife has a long, narrow blade to cleanly cut through meat and a pointed tip to maneuver around bones. To make it easy for you to follow the curves of a turkey carcass or a crown roast, the blade has some flexibility. A carving knife can often be confused with a slicing knife, which has a similar blade but has a rounded tip.

What is a Granton edge and why is it important for carving meat?

The Granton edge lets the meat stay off the blade when the cutting is finished. SHARP, STAYS SHARP, EASY TO SHARPEN: High quality steel allows this knife to obtain a sharp edge and keep that edge longer. Very easy to maintain blade sharpness with common sharpeners like a steel hone or sharpening stone.

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