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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSA services?

The directory system agent (DSA) is a collection of services and processes that run on each domain controller and provides access to the data store. The data store is the physical store of directory data located on a hard disk. In Active Directory Domain Services, the DSA is part of the local system authority (LSA) subsystem.

What is Windows 10 Update Assistant?

Windows 10 Update Assistant is a native update management tool designed to help individual users keep up with OS updates as Microsoft publishes them.

What is the Windows Store in Windows 10?

Windows 10. Windows 10 was released with an updated version of the Windows Store which merged Microsoft's other distribution platforms (Windows Marketplace, Windows Phone Store, Xbox Video and Xbox Music) into a unified store front for Windows 10 on all platforms, offering apps, games, music, film, TV series, themes, and ebooks.

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