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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data governance?

Data Governance is a term used to describe all processes and management of data in a given organization, including said data’s quality, protection and use. Financial service companies may have a particular need for governance due to the nature of the data held.

What should bank management look for in a data governance approach?

Rather than focusing primarily on the technological aspects of a data problem, bank management teams must take a more comprehensive approach, beginning with a clear and objective look at their overall data governance structure and processes.

What are the components of a typical governance structure?

A typical governance structure includes three components: a central data management office (DMO), typically led by a chief data officer (CDO), with a targeted data strategy and governance leaders who set the overall direction and standards governance roles organized by data domain where the day-to-day work is done

What is data technology in banking?

In many banks, data technology consists of a disconnected series of one-off applications and solutions, each designed to meet a specific need, with no centralized and consistent governance, as illustrated in Exhibit 2.

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