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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a data governance council?

No, as with most things, it depends on your own culture and industry. I’ve seen many names describing this governing body, some of which are: Regardless of the name, the council tends to have the following roles, though these are subjective to the data governance operating model you will adopt.

What is a Data Governance Committee (DGC)?

This is accomplished by establishing a DGC, that seeks to understand the scope of the data that needs to be managed (enterprise data catalog) and which specifies the policies, standards, and roles for executing stewardship functions such as data quality, data privacy, security and confidentiality, data design and data documentation.

What is a data governance framework?

A data governance framework consists of the data strategy policies that impact everyone in the organization: If data governance is the “what,” then a data governance framework is the “how,” and alignment to your strategy, the “why”. A successful data governance program possesses four key ingredients:

Who chairs the VA data governance council?

The DGC is co-chaired by VA’s Chief Data Officer and the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information & Technology. What is data governance? Data governance is the setting and enforcing of priorities for managing data as a strategic asset.

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