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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASAP mean to asylum seekers?

ASAP is a membership organization that represents the largest community of asylum seekers in U.S. history. ASAP believes that asylum seekers can make great change by standing together. “I am so glad and proud to be a member of ASAP,” one member shared. “One of the best sentences I have read from ASAP is ‘you are not alone.’

When to apply for a new work permit for asylum seekers?

When to apply: According to the government, asylum seekers should apply to renew their work permit at least 90 days before their current work permit expires. Because of long delays, ASAP recommends applying 6 months before your current work permit expires if possible.

Can I get a job if I have an asylum case?

However, it can be difficult to get a job or a social security number without a work permit, so many people choose to apply for a work permit based on their asylum status. The process depends on whether your asylum case was at USCIS or in immigration court. If you had an asylum interview with USCIS and the asylum officer granted asylum:

What is the asylum clock for work?

The asylum “clock” is a tool that USCIS and the immigration court use to count the number of days since you submitted your asylum application. When you have 150 days on your clock, you can apply for a work permit. When you have 180 days on your clock, you can receive a work permit.

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