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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between groundwater and aquifer?

Groundwater is a more general term, basically referring to any water that is retained in earth materials, accessible or not. An aquifer is a hydrostratigraphic formation that is generally well defined. It may or may not contain potable water, in sufficient volume for use. They are basically the same thing. An aquifer is like an underground sea.

Is an aquifer like a river?

aquifers are not rivers. Since water moves slowly through pore spaces in an aquifer's rock or sediment, the only life-forms that could enjoy floating such a 'river' would be bacteria or viruses which are small enough to fit through the pore spaces. True underground rivers are found only in cavernous rock formations

What does an aquifer look like?

Since an aquifer is underground water, you might picture it looking like an underground river or a water balloon, but that wouldn't be quite right. An aquifer is more like a sponge than a river or...

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