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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel like a wineskin in the smoke?

We begin to feel like wineskin in the smoke. In ancient times, wineskins were the wine-bottles of the time. Traditionally, wineskins would be hung over smoke of fire in order to gradually mellow the wine through a moderate warmth that would eventually bring the wine to its optimal state.

Why do we hang wine in the smoke of a fire?

Rosenmüller tells us that it was a custom of the ancients to hang skins of wine in the smoke of a fire, for very much the same reason that we stand a bottle of claret on the hearth, in order to mellow the wine by a gradual and moderate warmth, and to bring it to an earlier perfection.

What does “as wine-skin in the smoke my Heart is SERE and dried” mean?

“As wine-skin in the smoke my heart is sere and dried.” Some think that as a bottle hung up anywhere in an ancient house would be in the smoke, nothing more is implied than its being set aside; but this is too weak. We find in the ancient poets allusion to the custom of mellowing wine by heat: “Prodit fumoso condita vina cado.”—OVID: Fast. v.517.

Is the Psalmist like a wineskin in the smoke?

For I am become likea wineskin in the smoke; yet &c.] As a wineskin out of use hung up among the rafters of the roof grows shrivelled and blackened by the smoke till it almost loses its original appearance, so the Psalmist is growing emaciated and disfigured by suffering and sorrow till he can scarcely be recognised. Cp.

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