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Frequently Asked Questions

What the Heck is mutation testing?

Mutation Testing. Mutation Testing is a type of software testing in which certain statements of the source code are changed/mutated to check if the test cases are able to find errors in source code. The goal of Mutation Testing is ensuring the quality of test cases in terms of robustness that it should fail the mutated source code.

Is mutation testing useful in practice?

ongoing debate. Mutation testing offers a promising alternative: Artificial defects can identify holes in a test suite, and thus provide concrete suggestions for additional tests. Despite the obvious advantages of mutation testing, it is not yet well established in practice. Until recently, mutation testing tools and techniques

What is mutation and how is it beneficial?

Mutations occur throughout the natural world. Some mutations are beneficial and increase the possibility that an organism will thrive and pass on its genes to the next generation. When mutations improve survival or reproduction, the process of natural selection will cause the mutation to become more common over time.

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