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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a furnace inducer need to be replaced?

Spin it with a screwdriver or any other object that can fit into the fan protector openings. Also, the inducer motor has oil ports on it, although they are not sealed bearings, which means they will likely need to be lubricated. If it runs out of oil and the bearings are stiff, it is damaged, and you need replacements.

What happens when a furnace inducer goes out?

When condensation builds up in the vent pipe, the inducer can go out. Feel the inducer motor when you run into difficulties with the fan to verify the motor is at fault. When an inducer goes bad, it will be hot to the touch after trying several times to start the furnace. If the motor remains cool, your problem is most likely in one of the ...

What does an inducer motor do on a gas furnace?

The inducer motor/blower assembly performs a variety of essential functions as part of a gas-powered furnace. The inducer blower also controls the quantity of air that moves through the heat exchanger. Ensuring a sufficient amount of air flow allows for clean and safe combustion of gas.

How much does it cost to replace an inducer motor?

Your heating system is designed for safety, so if there is one part that is not working the way it should it will shut the gas off to your central heating system. A new Inducer Draft Motor replacement cost can range between $480-$1400. It all depends on the model and make of your heater and shipping charges. Some high efficiency furnaces come ...

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