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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a FIPS code?

For example, FIPS state codes are unique within nation and FIPS county codes are unique within state. Since counties nest within states, a full county FIPS code identifies both the state and the nesting county. For example, there are 49 counties in the 50 states ending in the digits “001”.

How do I get the county name and FIPS code?

Enter the address and click “View Results”. The county and FIPS code for the address will be displayed in the “Metadata” Section below the map. Here is the entire process for getting the county name for an address and the FIPS Code in about 16 seconds:

What is the FIPS code for Garfield County?

The first two digits in the five-digit county FIPS Code represent the state in which the county is located. For example, the FIPS Code for the state of Utah is “49” so every FIPS Code in the state of Utah will begin with “49”. The next 3 digits of a 5-digit county FIPS Code represents the county. The code Garfield County, Utah is “017”.

What geographic areas are not covered by FIPS codes and GNIS codes?

The Census Bureau creates and maintains geographic codes for many statistical geographic areas that are not covered by FIPS codes and GNIS codes. These geographic areas include census divisions, census regions, census tracts, block groups, census blocks and urban areas.

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