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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aquifer and why is it important?

Aquifers are natural filters that trap sediment and other particles (like bacteria) and provide natural purification of the ground water flowing through them. Like a coffee filter, the pore spaces in an aquifer's rock or sediment purify ground water of particulate matter (the 'coffee grounds') but not of dissolved substances (the 'coffee').

What are the types of aquifers ?

Ans: Porous, Karst, and Fractured are three types of aquifers. Porous aquifers generally occur in sand and sandstone. The properties of porous aquifers differ depending on the depository sediments. In contrast, Karst aquifers occur in limestone, when the surface water containing carbonic acid seeps into the pores of limestone.

How do we use aquifers?

In arid areas, people use deep aquifers for irrigation and industrial purposes. Numerous villages and large cities draw their water from wells in the aquifers. Aquifers are crucial in agriculture and human settlements. Huge wells provide industrial, municipals, and industrial water supplies.

How is an aquifer created?

These aquifers are made up of sand-sized particles of other rocks that were broken down by erosion and then transported to their present location by wind or water and deposited. Water is stored in and moves through the open spaces, or pores, between the individual sand grains.

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