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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

There are no debt limitations in Chapter 11. Also, there is no regular income requirement whatsoever in Chapter 11. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be filed for an individual who has no income but has assets that can be voluntarily liquidated through a Chapter 11 repayment plan, and the proceeds can be used to fund the plan.

Is Chapter 11 bankruptcy the right choice?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy has a higher debt limit, so it's a common choice for business owners. Filing for bankruptcy as a business owner can be a complex process, but your Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney can help you take all the right steps to protect your business while repaying creditors.

What happens when a company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

When a company files Chapter 11, it usually intends to remain in business while it negotiates with creditors to reorganize its debt under the protection of the bankruptcy court. This means its actions must be approved by a bankruptcy judge.

Should you consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Though chapter 11 is usually used by business debtors, individual debtors who cannot restructure their debt under another chapter of the Bankruptcy Code may use chapter 11. In fact, a recent trend is for individuals with large real estate holdings to file chapter 11 for the advantages it offers.

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