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Frequently Asked Questions

Which sentences contain a noun clause?

noun clause Must contain a subject and a verb but will not express a complete idea, will take the place of a noun, meaning that you can test for a noun clause by replacing it with a pronoun (usually it, someone, or something) noun clause example Whoever rang the doorbell has dissappeared (subject)

What is clause and its types?

CLAUSES AND ITS TYPES. 2. CLAUSES The smallest grammatical unit that can express a complete proposition. It contains a subject and a verb. There are two kinds of clauses: independent and dependent. 3. INDEPENDENT CLAUSES A group of words that can stand on its own as a sentence: it has a subject, a verb, and is a complete thought.

What is an introductory word of a noun clause?

frequently begin with that, which, who, whom, or whose, the same words that can begin adjective clauses. Other words that can begin noun clauses are how, if, what,whatever, when, where, whether, whichever, whoever, or whomever. Besides serving to introduce a noun clause, these words sometimes serve a function within the clause as well.

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