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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webcrims and how does it work?

The website ‘webcrims’ was created by the New York State Unified Court System. It facilitates access to all criminal cases through an online website with a single click. For the users, all future appearance dates are updated regularly.

How do I find a criminal case on webcrims?

You can find the Defendant’s Name YOU CAN FIND THE CRIMINAL CASE NUMBER You can find a Summons Number You can find the next court date You can find the Court a case is in on WEBCRIMS You can find the Court Part a criminal case is in You can find the Judge that is handling a criminal case

How often does webcrims update future appearance dates?

For the users, all future appearance dates are updated regularly. Webcrims contains information from criminal courts in several cities, including New York City, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties, the County Court in Erie County, the County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District, and the City Court of Buffalo.

Is the information found on the webcrims NY website accurate?

But the information found by the user on the webcrims ny should always be rechecked as it may be inaccurate in a few rare instances. If a person wants to find information related to his/her case and has the summons number or case number, he/she can use the case identifier search on the web crims website.

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