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Frequently Asked Questions

Will tropical storm ETA hit Florida?

Tropical Storm Eta has prompted watches and warnings in Florida as it's now expected to track toward Florida's Gulf Coast later this week as a weakening storm.

Why is tropical storm ETA moving north?

- Wind shear: As Eta moves north, it is anticipated to face increasingly hostile wind shear, also an enemy to tropical storms. So, Eta may become more lopsided as it approaches the Florida coast, with most of its thunderstorms - and stronger winds - blown into its eastern half by the aforementioned wind shear.

What is the maximum wind speed in Hurricane ETA?

Maximum sustained winds in Eta increased from 70 mph to 150 mph in just 18 hours ending 7 p.m. EST Monday. That's more than double the criteria for the rapid intensification of a tropical cyclone, which is a wind speed increase of 35 mph or more in 24 hours or less.

How big will hurricane ETA get in Honduras?

The NHC was forecasting storm totals could reach 40 inches in parts of Honduras and Nicaragua. Eta is the 28th storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which ties the 2005 season for the most storms on record. It's also the 12th hurricane of the season, which ties for the second-most on record for a year in the Atlantic.

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