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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the original Weather Channel meteorologists?

The Weather Channel launched on Sunday, May 2, 1982. Programming began with an introduction to the channel by Batten and Coleman, which led into an inauguration ceremony that launched the channel's first official broadcast at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time that evening, anchored by meteorologists Bruce Edwards and André Bernier .

Who is the CEO of the Weather Channel?

John Coleman, the co-founder, and David Kenny, the current CEO of The Weather Company, both spoke with Brian Stelter after Coleman published an open letter and appeared on a prime time Fox News program voicing his opinion. Watch the video above.

What jobs do meteorologists do?

Meteorologist Job Description. The main job of a meteorologist is to study the atmospheric and weather conditions that exist on the earth. For this, he has to undertake research and analysis of the same. A meteorologist collects the data on the atmosphere and weather, tabulates it and then makes weather predictions.

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