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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some good looking women on the Weather Channel?

Melissa is another good looking woman with a pleasant personality. Something in her eyes tells me she can be a wildcat! Update...apparently is no longer with the Weather Channel as of October 2006. Seen occassionally on The Weather Channel, Kim is a good looking middle-aged lady.

Are Weather Girls a thing in America?

For sure there are and always will be a lot of guy weather forecasters; those guys tend to be nerds who get super excited about the weather. But come on, we can only look at guys like that for so long before we need some eye candy. And that is where weather girls come in. This is not just a thing in America, it is a thing all over the world.

Who are the most popular Weather Girls on Instagram?

At only 27 and already over 5 million Instagram followers strong, it’s no wonder that Yanet is one of the most popular weather girls around. This model and meteorologist is actually an entrepreneur at heart. Although she reports the weather for Televisa Monterrey News, she is also the owner of her own model academy, Yanet Garcia Models.

Who is the world's Sexiest weather girl?

Admired for her nearly perfect figure, Garcia has been labeled "the world's sexiest weather girl." She attributes her beautiful form to years of hard work. She currently works on Televisa Monterrey News. 19 Ximena Cordoba, Colombia

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