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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayne Couzens and what happened to Sarah Everard?

London (CNN) Wayne Couzens, the former police officer who has admitted to the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, used his police identification and handcuffs to deceive her into getting into his car under the pretense that she had violated Covid-19 regulations, prosecutors said Wednesday at a London sentencing hearing.

Who is Wayne Couzens and what has he been accused of?

On 9 March 2021, Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection unit, was arrested in Deal, Kent, firstly on suspicion of Everard's kidnapping and later on suspicion of her murder. On 10 March, her remains were discovered in woodland near Ashford in Kent.

Who is Robert Couzens and what did he do?

At a hearing on 9 July, Couzens pleaded guilty to murder. On video-link from Belmarsh Prison, he kept his head down and was shaking slightly. It was reported that he had hired a car and bought a roll of self-adhesive film, "strong enough to hold carpets down", days before the murder.

Where did Richard Couzens burn Sarah Everard's body?

Couzens burned Everard's body in woodland in Kent, the court heard. "He was to burn Sarah Everard's body after he murdered her. He then moved her body in green bags that he had purchased specifically for that task," Little said. A few days later, Couzens took his wife and two children on a trip to the same area.

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