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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayne Couzens and what did he do?

Wayne Couzens is a former Metropolitan officer at the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection unit. Moreover, he is also an ex-firearms officer. Couzens is currently criticized for kidnapping, raping, and murdering an innocent woman and stranger, Sarah Everard.

Who is Wayne Couzens and what happened to Sarah Everard?

The real motive of Wayne Couzens’s behind killing Sarah Everard is still unknown. Sarah went missing on 3 March 2021 and Wayne was arrested on 9 March on suspicion of kidnapping. The following day, her remains were found in woodland near Ashford.

What happened to Mark Couzens?

He was serving as the constable and firearms officer at the Metropolitan police department since 2018. Overall, he was doing great at his job. But in March of 2021, his notorious criminal side came in front of the people. Couzens was arrested for the kidnap and then the murder of Sarah Everard.

Who is Richard Couzens and what has he been charged with?

Couzens was charged with Everard's kidnapping and murder on 12 March, following authorisation from the Crown Prosecution Service. He appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 13 March and was remanded in custody before appearing at the Old Bailey via video link from Belmarsh Prison on 16 March.

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