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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayne Couzens’ wife Elena Couzens?

THE wife of murder cop Wayne Couzens has been left heartbroken for Sarah Everard's family and desperately wants to know what led him to kill. Elena Couzens told friends they had a happy 15 year marriage and said the gun cop never hit her or showed signs of his evil nature.

Where did Wayne Couzens take his family on family trip?

Wayne Couzens took a family trip with his wife and two children to the same woods where he had dumped and burned Sarah Everard’s body just days before, a court has heard. The Old Bailey was told how Couzens, 48, took his wife and children on a family trip to Hoads Wood, near Ashford, Kent, on 7 March, two days before his arrest

Who is Wayne Couzens brother David Couzens?

His parents, on the other hand, have not issued a statement in response to Wayne’s arrest. David Couzens is his younger brother. He has also not made any public images of his family available. The white ethnic police officer, on the other hand, is a Christian.

Who is Ray Couzens’ son Wayne Couzens?

He is Ray Couzens ‘ son, Corrine Couzens ‘ stepson, David Couzens ‘ brother and Kevin Fowle ‘s nephew. Wayne is “a fine upstanding man,” according to Fowle. Here are 13 more things about Wayne:

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